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About Havana



You will immerse yourself in another culture and make a unique connection with that culture through dance. From the explosive and seductive rhythms of Salsa to exploring the old magic town of Havana, the area is bustling with life and as you walk in and you will feel just like you are in a 1950s movie. A stroll along the Malecón, the famous seafront walk, which stretches almost the length of Havana, is a must. Here, old and young fish during the day and courting couples take their paseo (promenade) at night. The Malecón also provides a wonderful view of Havana's cityscape, especially at sunrise and sunset.



Every night after dinner we go out and enjoy our 'Taxi Dancing'. We will be delighted to have a taxi dancer with you!!! Here you can practise and freestyle your moves and learn with our Cuban People: The true Cuban Style. Salsa classes are situated in the fantastic space right in your excellent four star hotel which is located in the peaceful surroundings of Miramar, surrounded by beautiful old town-houses, embassies and shopping centres. The hotel has a warm ambience and elegant style, where you may relax whenever you wish with a 'Cool Drink' by the outdoor swimming pool.


Sun, sea, sand and a laid-back vibe - but with a difference!


Cuba is the Caribbean's largest, most diverse island. With unprecedented changes continuing apace since the withdrawal of Fidel Castro in early 2008, it's also the most dynamic. Cuba pulsates with laughter, music, humour and yes, dance; although the situation isn't easy, the city remains true to its heart, its passion permeating its steamy alleys and salt-sprayed sidewalks.