Salsacubana Cabaret Show

Salsacubana LOGO 2014 final final


Homero has been performing several times at the BBC including Jools Holland Show and series 'Auf Wiedersehen Pet' and also in the Royal Festival Hall, Tate Modern and the Barbican.He was commitioned to teach the leed actors Salsa in 'Born Romantic'. (Feature Film with Jane Horrocks, Craig Ferguson, Olivia Williams and Catherine McCormack.


For choreographing, performing and actors tuition, please do feel free to contact Homero for advice at any time.

Homero choreographing and performing for feature film 'Born Romantic' (BBC Films)

BBC: Homero performing in Jools Holland Show with the wonderful Sierra Maestra Band!

In Cuba They're Still Dancing:

Cuban Rumba