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Homero trained at the Escuela De Arte de la Provincia de Havana. He began his professional dancing career with the Carnival Group Charanga De Bejucal and subsequently the most famous carnival group in Cuba, the Guaracheros De Regla, directed by Umberto Medina.


In the 1980's he developed into cabaret work, dancing with some of the best companies in Cuba, including Antonio Maria Romeo, Los Kelellas, and Empresa Turarte, working in the Playas Del Este and Playa Giron. He also directed a cabaret at the invitation of the Canadian Tourist Board, 'Los T con E'.


In 1987 Homero joined Teatro America for a Cuban television programme aimed at bringing the rich cultural inheritance of dance rhythms to ordinary Cuban people; the programme, directed by Gilberto Bosa and Guanarie Almuedo, provided a weekly presentation of various aspects of Cuban dance i.e. Afro Cuban, rumba, Cuban popular dance, ballet and contemporary. Homero specialised in the Rumba and Afro Cuban presentations.


In 1990 Homero became choreographer to the Benny Moré Cabaret, working with Feliz Mauricio and Gilberto Bosa.


From 1989 to 1993 he danced with the internationally acclaimed Cabaret Tropicana.


In 1993 he became Director of Cabaret Groups working at the Playas Del Este, including 'Cabaret Marazul', 'Cabaret Las Terrazas', 'Cabaret Megano', and at the Hotel Itabo. Also in 1993 he was invited to accompany Silvia Pena, Tropicana singer soloist, in a promotional tour to Santiago De Chile, sponsored by Cubana Aviacion. Whilst pursuing his cabaret work Homero retained his involvement in Afro Cuban and traditional dance, and worked with many leading Rumba groups, including Papo Angarica, Luis Chacon, Grupo De Clave y Guaguanco, Grupo De Chabalonga, Grupo De Ardo, amongst others.


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