Salsacubana Cabaret Show

Salsacubana LOGO 2014 final final

Homero's Journal

1994 Homero moves to London and begins to teach in London Clubs and Dance Schools. It's Homero's start of his international carreer.


1999 Homero gave dance demonstrations in Los Angeles and San Francisco with Enio Cordoba's 'Let's Dance' company. He was guest teacher at the International Salsa Dance Congress in Rotterdam in Holland and gave master classes at the Brean Sands Pontins Salsa Festival which attracts almost 2000 dancers, where his Cabaret Show also performed.


2000 invited to perform with the Afrocuban Company Musik and Dansteater in Sweden and continued his series of workshops in various different dance forms in Rome and Paris.


2001 Homero hosted masterclasses and performed with his group in the Rome International Salsa Congress. Further Homero was invited to teach and perform at Ecole Jean Claude Sither in Paris. Homero was invited to teach and perform in Cyprus to develop the nascent Cuban dance culture now becoming popular there.


2002 Homero was joined by other internationally famous performers and teachers to host a Salsa Cruise from Miami to Puerto Rico, as well as further invitations to Switzerland, Spain, Paris, Malta and Cyprus.


2003, Homero and his group performed in Denmark, Spain, France.


Since 2006, Homero performed and taught in workshops in Taipei, Israel, Italy, Cyprus, Spain, and Slovenia and the UK continually til today. He performed and presented his Salsa Cubana Cabaret Show amongst many other places, like the Royal Festival Hall, the Barbican and Tate Modern in London.