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Rumba was brought to Cuba by the slaves and developed into the unique Cuban traditional dance we see today. Rumba takes three forms; Yambu is a slower and elegant form of the dance, imitating the movement of old people, while Columbia is fast and athletic and danced mainly (but not always) by the men; Guaguanco is a flirtatious dance of skill and chase between men and women.


Cuban rumba is a playful, energetic and sensual dance which has its roots in African dance rhythms and movements. As can be seen in In Cuba They’re Still Dancing, there are many different styles of street rumba, and in this beginners workshop you will learn the basic movements and step patterns, gradually building up to being able to dance a full sequence.


Janet Fuentes Torres with Homero at the Cuban Carnival London

Amanda and Homero performing

Afro Cuban Rumba Humoresque

at la Finca in London

In memory of Orlando. Homero and Orlando enjoy themselves at  the Cojunto in Havana

Please contact me if you are interested to take Private Classes or we can organize a private workshop for minimum group of 5 couples.